Removable and Washable Ceiling Fan Duster



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1.BENDABLE TO CLEAN ANY HIGH CEILING FAN – Flexible duster is designed to work with any shaped fan blade. Ideal for cleaning high ceilings, blinds, window screens, tall furniture, mounted TV’s, and other hard to reach areas.
2.EASY TO USE. This lightweight cleaning tool duster can be used by anyone. Extendable and bendable makes it ultra-easy to clean anywhere in your property. Can be used by men, women, kids and ideal for senior citizens.
3.DURABLE: Our premium poly-fiber head duster is made of strong, durable materials with the best duster top on the market. Clean year after year, it will never let you down.

Inside Packaging:

1). Stick

or 2). Stick and Duster

Additional information

Duster Head Shape


Duster Head Material

Non-woven Fiber


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